Initial Appointment

  • It will run for approximately 90 minutes.
  • We will go over your medical history focusing on your relationship with food and body.
  • We will talk about your goals and we will establish a meal plan together to get you started.  

Follow up Appointments

  • They will run for 50 minutes.
  • We will go over your progress, and make a plan for the following week.
  • We will also review your current meal plan and make changes as needed.


  • Since the pandemic started, I have been mainly seeing clients online.
  • Contrary to what my colleagues and I had predicted, patients have been doing really well and report wanting to continue online sessions even when the pandemic is over. 

How it works?

Once we schedule an appointment, you will receive the link to join our session via Zoom, a HIPPA compliant online platform.

  • ​Payment is due at the date of service. 
  • Like most nutritionists, I do not take insurance.

​If you need to cancel, please do so 24 hours ahead of time. Otherwise you will be responsible for the full amount of the session.


This program is designed for those who want weekly follow-up with the supervision of an expert in nutrition.

This package includes 4 weeks of accompaniment through daily review of weekly food, adjustments in the eating plan, and reassessment of previously set nutrition goals, finalizing with a 15 min call at the end of each week.

It is suggested to have an initial session before getting the VIP package.


One of my main goal is to help prevent Eating Disorders in children, teens, and adolescents. 

I like to go to school to educate parents and students on the importance of healthy eating in the absence of extreme dieting and exercising to prevent the development of an Eating Disorders. 

If you are a school counselor or parent who would like to bring awareness to your school, please contact me so we can discuss more in detail.

  • Common Topics
  • Positive Body Image
  • “Normal” Eating: how to incorporate all foods in moderation.
  • How to determine if your child me be suffering from an Eating Disorder
  • How to help a friend you suspect may be struggling with an eating disorder
  • How to prevent your child from developing an Eating Disorder


VIP sessions are meant for a group of three or more individuals that know each other and feel safe discussing topics regarding food, nutrition, weight and body image.

VIP sessions allow for you to have a private conversation with a Registered Dietitian and ask about common topics of interest that you feel will benefit the whole group.

VIP groups run for 90 minutes and are a great way to discuss topics you may have in common in a safe and completely confidential environment with a specialist to guide you.

Examples of VIP groups that I have done in the past include:

  • How to deal with people’s comments about your weight or what you eat.
  • My kid is gaining weight and I don’t know what to do.
  • Our daughters are all wanting to get on a strict diet and exercise plan. What should we do?
  •  Our friend is showing signs of an eating disorder. How can we help her?
  • Our kids are picky eaters. They won’t eat a single vegetable! What would you recommend?
  • We want to start eating healthier. Where should we start?

If you already have a group of 3 or more people who are interested in scheduling a VIP session contact me.


I am an iaedp™ Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and Approved Supervisor (CEDRD-S). And I would be honored to help you achieve your certification as an Eating Disorder Specialist.

  • Clinical supervision sessions are 50 minute long and can be both in person or online.
  • Frequency of our meetings is up to you. It usually ranges between biweekly and monthly sessions.
  • What to expect from clinical supervision sessions?

If you are interested in clinical supervision, or have any other questions on how it works, please refer to the links below. You can also feel free to contact. I look forward to connecting with you!